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Hedgehog in the garden

If you have hedgehogs in your garden, please look after them well. You are one of the very few lucky ones to still enjoy the presence of these endangered animals

This site is about the native wild hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus.

This is an advice and information site only.

We are unable to offer any physical help with hedgehogs. If you find a sick, injured, trapped or baby hedgehog

Read here for what to do

I have removed the carers list / list of rescue centres for 2 reasons.

  1. I cannot keep up to date with all the changes and closures and new centres/carers opening
  2. Too many visitors to this site seem to think that I control all the centres listed, send me messages about hogs in those centres or insist that I go to north Scotland  or Lands End and deal with a hedgehog because I am listed as the centre for that area in a google search ( which actually comes up with the listing page on the carer’s / rescue centre pages, but they just use the details from the Google snippet and make mistakes)
Hedgehog out in Daylight
If you see ANY hedgehogs out in daylight , they will be badly injured, sick and dying. They need URGENT help so pick it up and ring for help IMMEDIATELY.
Before tidying, cutting shrubs, long grass, gathering piles of leaves, check carefully for sleeping hedgehogs. Be very careful using a strimmer or lawnmower. Before moving or demolishing any sheds etc, check carefully for hedgehogs underneath, inside or alongside.

If you find an injured, sick, trapped or baby hedgehog Read here for what to do

Baby Hedgehogs
Small or newly born baby hedgehogs that are hungry or in distress make a noise that sounds like a smoke alarm bleeping. If you hear that noise look carefully, find the babies and call for help
cartoon hedgehogs under a tree
The numbers of hedgehogs living in and visiting our gardens have fallen dramatically. We all need to do something about this immediately otherwise they will soon be completely extinct. Read more
If you have hedgehogs in your garden, please look after them well. They need somewhere to live. There are several types of hedgehog house available from good pet stores, garden centres and many online stores. There are several that we recommend. Read about them and how to make your own hedgehog house.
Hedgehogs are desperately short of food and water. They are very thin and dangerously underweight. They are desperately looking for food. Put down cat or dog food, cat or kitten biscuits, peanuts, cheese etc. See Feeding Hedgehogs for more advice. Put food and water down all the time.
African pigmy hedgehog
We are now beginning to see exotic Hedgehogs, bred for the pet market, being abandoned or thrown out into the wild. These animals cannot survive on their own. It is illegal to take one of our native hogs from the wild to keep as a pet. It is illegal to throw a pet hog out into the wild.Read more
Ark wildlife advert

Help Hedgehogs and other wildlife. Buy your wildlife food and supplies through Ark Wildlife

If you like hedgehogs

Want to find out more about them and see lots of photos or videos
Just want to chat to other people who are interested in hedgehogs and other wildlife
Pop in to our help and advice forum where you can ask any questions, discuss anything about hedgehogs or other wildlife and get help and advice

Hedgehog forum


The official British Hedgehog Preservation Society Website is


  7 Responses to “Home”


    Can you help me? I am  parasite biologist and am studying the hedgehog tick Ixodes hexagonus. This is potentially an important vector of Lyme disease.

    I am seeking images of hedgehogs with ticks, or of the ticks themselves. I wondered whether you ever had hedgehogs with ticks on?

    Any information would be useful. Do you mainly see ticks on one sex? On young animals or old? What is the most number you have seen?

    Finally where do you live approximately?

    I thank you greatly for your help.

    mark_david_walker at

    Mark Walker
    Sheffield Hallam University.


    I feel so privileged to have hedgehogs in my garden sadly today one of the hedgehogs was out during the day so taking your advice i took him to the vet who transferred him to a wild life centre but i would have liked to have cared for him myself did i dobthd right thing


    On two separate occasions this week we have had a hedgehog in our garden we have two dogs they just bark at it but should I leave food and water down for it and get a home for it or will it be too scared of the dogs to come back?


    Hi, for the last couple of weeks a hedgehog has been coming in our garden during the day. I thought it was unusual to see it in the daytime but it wasn’t staggering, didn’t look in the least bit distressed and seemed to be happily walking round the garden, eating. I started to regular give it catfood which it happily ate.
    Sadly though, yesterday I found it laying on the lawn in obvious distress. I took it to the vets, who examined it but had to put it to sleep. 😔

    I have since been reading how catastrophic it is if they are out through the day, and I feel terrible for not intervening earlier! It just looked so healthy! I have also read that the other reason it could be out is if it is a female and has a nest of young. Now I can’t stop thinking that maybe this was the case, and that perhaps it has a nest somewhere! I can’t see anything in the nooks and crannies of the garden but can’t bear to think there may be baby hedgehogs that might perish! What can I do?

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