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Hedgehog in the garden

If you have hedgehogs in your garden, please look after them well. You are one of the very few lucky ones to still enjoy the presence of these endangered animals

This site is about the native wild hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus.

 I have a serious long-term illness and can’t look after hedgehogs myself any longer. If you find a sick, injured, trapped or a baby hedgehog, please don’t let it suffer.

 I will tell you what to do to help. Read here


Hedgehog out in Daylight  If you see ANY hedgehogs out in daylight of ANY size, they will be injured, sick or starving and need URGENT help so pick it up and ring for help IMMEDIATELY. Before tidying, cutting shrubs, long grass, gathering piles of leaves, check carefully for sleeping hedgehogs. Be very careful using a strimmer or lawnmower. Before moving or demolishing any sheds etc, check carefully for hedgehogs underneath, inside or alongside. If you find an injured, sick, trapped or baby hedgehog Read here for what to do
 Baby Hedgehogs  Small or newly born baby hedgehogs that are hungry or in distress make a noise that sounds like a smoke alarm bleeping. If you hear that noise look carefully, find the babies and call for help
 cartoon hedgehogs under a tree  The numbers of hedgehogs living in and visiting our gardens have fallen dramatically. We all need to do something about this immediately otherwise they will soon be completely extinct. Read more
 HH4STD If you have hedgehogs in your garden, please look after them well. They need somewhere to live. There are several types of hedgehog house available from good pet stores, garden centres and many online stores.  There are several that we recommend.  Read about them and how to make your own hedgehog house.
 spikes_dry_2.5kg  Hedgehogs are desperately short of food and water. They are very thin and dangerously underweight. They are desperately looking for food. Put down cat or dog food, cat or kitten biscuits, peanuts, cheese etc. See Feeding Hedgehogs for more advice. Put food and water down all the time.
 bandaged edgehog My wife and I do what we can to help them from our small one bedroom flat. We pay for everything ourselves from our very limited income. We are volunteers who do this because we care for them. We can’t do this alone. We need your help.
We are not a charity. We are not part of the RSPCA. We are not state funded.
sleeping hedgehog  We urgently need old towels, blankets, bed sheets and pillow cases to use for bedding for sick, injured and baby hedgehogs. Contact us
 African pigmy hedgehog We are now beginning to see exotic Hedgehogs, bred for the pet market, being abandoned or thrown out into the wild. These animals cannot survive on their own. It is illegal to take one of our native hogs from the wild to keep as a pet. It is illegal to throw a pet hog out into the wild.Read more

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If you like hedgehogs

  • Want to find out more about them and see lots of photos or videos
  • Just want to chat to other people who are interested in hedgehogs and other wildlife
  • Pop in to our help and advice forum where you can ask any questions, discuss anything about hedgehogs or other wildlife and get help and advice

Hedgehog forum


 Epping Forest Hedgehog Rescue is only a small, local hedgehog help and rescue

The official British Hedgehog Preservation Society Website is


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