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Epping Forest Hedgehog Rescue


Find out how to help "The Hedgehog in YOUR Garden"

Epping Forest Hedgehog Rescue is only a small, local hedgehog help and rescue

The official British Hedgehog Preservation Society Website is

 Please read this notice carefully. I have a very serious long-term illness. I can no longer look after any hedgehogs myself. I will always offer as much advice as I can. If you find an injured, sick or orphan ( baby) hedgehog in my area, that is Epping Forest, Harlow or Waltham Forest,  I will always arrange for immediate urgent treatment and care for it at any time of the day or night. 

Please don't let them suffer. Read HERE for what to do for any injured, sick or baby hedgehog

Today: 19th April 2014 we have 1  hedgehog  in our care and under treatment 



What to do if you find a sick, injured or baby hedgehog 

bullet Autumn Juveniles
bullet Basic first aid treatment 
bullet Feeding hedgehogs
bullet How to prevent other animals like Dogs, Cats or Foxes stealing the hedgehog’s food.
bullet Buy or build a hedgehog House
bullet Lungworms from Slugs and Snails kill hedgehogs
bullet Foxes are a major reason for the hedgehog decline
bullet Walls and Fences block hedgehogs
bullet Strimmers and Lawnmowers
bullet Fireworks and Bonfires
bullet Netting
bullet Dog Attacks
bullet Royal Mail Red elastic bands
bullet Never Spray hedgehogs with Frontline or other flea sprays
bullet Can you offer a home to a hedgehog
bullet Where are all our Hedgehogs?
bullet Is it a boy or a girl?
bullet Print out and distribute these posters and tell all your friends to do the same
All these are reliable sources of prescription and non-prescription medicines & drugs, food, accessories etc. for hedgehogs and other animals.
Like all companies, prices change frequently as do special offers on popular products. When looking for food or medicines, search on all of the sites for the best price. Sometimes one of the sites will have a special offer on bulk food or multi-buys with free delivery. I have used all of these companies for various medicines, including wormers and specialised rearing milk etc

Check our online Amazon Store for all your Hedgehog needs

help hedgehogs and other wildlife in your garden. Buy through Ark Wildlife  help hedgehogs

image © Charlie Creek Willows Hedgehog Rescue Bromsgrove

Sign the petition to force builders to allow wildlife access in all new build housing


If you have hedgehogs in your garden, please look after them well. You are one of the very few lucky ones to still enjoy the presence of these endangered animals

Hedgehogs are desperately short of food and water. They are very thin and dangerously underweight. They are desperately looking for food. Put down cat or dog food, cat or kitten biscuits, peanuts, cheese etc. See diet page for more advice. Put food and water down all the time.

  • Before moving or demolishing any sheds etc, check carefully for hedgehogs underneath, inside or alongside.
  • Before tidying or cutting shrubs and long grass or piles of leaves, check carefully for sleeping hedgehogs. Be very careful using a strimmer or lawnmower.
  • If you see ANY hedgehogs out in daylight of ANY size, they will be injured, sick or starving and need  URGENT help so pick it up and ring for help IMMEDIATELY
  • Small or newly born baby hedgehogs that are hungry or in distress make a noise that sounds like a smoke alarm bleeping. If you hear that noise look carefully, find the babies and call for help
bullet Rearing baby hedgehogs

proud hedgehog parents image

 How can I tell how old or big a hedgehog is? or does it need help?

tiny hedgehog and an egg

Click on the small image for a full size picture

This one is 90 grams and about 4 weeks old and slightly bigger than a medium egg

Anything this size seen out on its own needs to be picked up straight away and kept warm. Contact an experienced carer, rescue centre or Vet IMMEDIATELY otherwise it will not survive

He looks plump because of the spines, but he is very thin and underweight. See more pictures and find out more about him


tiny hedgehog and an egg

Click on the small image for a full size picture


A very thin weak hedgehog with only 3 legs

Click for full size images and more details

Another frequently asked question is " How do I know if a hedgehog is thin and needing help or plump and healthy? "

The hedgehog on the left is dangerously thin and looks like a sausage, with flat spines, looks lifeless and needs urgent treatment

The one on the right is a healthy, well-fed hedgehog in our enclosed garden having a treat of special Esbilac milk we use to rear babies or help to build up recuperating ones. See how she is plump and round

A healthy well fed hedgehog

Click for full size image

See HERE for more pictures and a clearer description on how to see if a hedgehog is underweight and needing help

Attention ALL Hedgehog Lovers

Can you make a Donation?

My wife and I do what we can to help them from our small one bedroom flat. We pay for everything from our very limited income and have no money. We get no help from anybody or anywhere and pay for everything ourselves

Please don't forget we are only volunteers who do this because we care for them.
We can't do this alone
We need your help.

You can donate safely and securely by using  Paypal. Just click on the button below. Any amount no matter how small is gratefully accepted and desperately needed

To donate via PayPal when the button doesn't appear or the link doesn't work: just go to or your country's paypal log in page and chose send money and use as recipient email address and select other service as the option, then follow prompts
  • We spend lots of money every month just on petrol picking up hedgehogs and taking them to and from vets and the wildlife hospital for emergency treatment.
  • Most people won't even give 20 pence towards the costs of picking up a hedgehog.

It only takes £1 or £2 from you to help save a suffering or dying hedgehog

 You can read more  HERE

If you would like to to donate by mail or other means please see our contact page for details of how to help us or get in touch with us. We urgently need Towels, bedding, food, cardboard boxes etc.  Please try and help orphan hedeghogs

We deal with around 200  hedgehogs every year

We spend a lot of money on:
  • Hedgehog Food ( tinned meat & biscuits)
  • Medicines
  • Esbilac (special milk for babies & very ill hedgehogs)
  • Electric bills ( heat pads, heating the pens and the washing machine is always on with all the bedding)
  • Running this website is also expensive

We pay for everything ourselves. We need help urgently.


Hedgehog Advice forum banner

  • If you like hedgehogs
  • Want to find out more about them and see lots of photos or videos
  • Just want to chat to other people who are interested in hedgehogs and other wildlife
  • Pop in to  our help and advice forum where you can ask any questions, discuss anything about hedgehogs or other wildlife and get help and advice
  • Take a look at lots of videos about hedgehogs including some wonderful close-ups of hedgehogs feeding

  • We built this website because we were "adopted" by several hedgehogs and want to share our experiences, make you more interested in hedgehogs and other wildlife. and help YOU look after the hedgehog in YOUR garden
  • Lots of the information came  from other Hedgehog help sites and the various books that have been written about hedgehogs. We have adapted the information in the light of our own experiences.

If we cannot physically help you, we will try to put you in touch with a local carer closer to you. Many of the links on the right or on the links page have good lists of Hedgehog carers and rescuers in most parts of the UK.

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Search This site or the web with Google

cctv camera Support Tim's Ebay Shop for:-
  • CCTV cameras to watch your hedgehogs
  • Lots of other very useful things
  • Melatonin and other natural remedies for people and animals

See some of the hedgehog videos Tim & others have made using these cameras:

Captive or Pet Hedgehogs

We are noticing an increasing trend for people wanting to keep captive or pet hedgehogs. This is not something we recommend or approve of.

This site gives advice and information about the European Hedgehog ( Erinaceus Europaeus) which is a wild animal and not a pet. We don't agree with keeping any wild animal as a pet. We do accept that there are already quite a few African pygmy Hedgehogs already in the UK that need help. For advice on keeping pet African Pygmy Hedgehogs see:


Please visit the other hedgehog sites below

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