cartoon hedgehog reading a book What to do if you find a sick, injured or baby hedgehog or any hedgehog you are worried about:

  • As soon as you find an injured or sick hedgehog PLEASE pick it up immediately, put it in a box or wrap it in a towel or jumper or something  soft and THEN ring for help. If you leave it where it is, it will crawl or run away. For a sick or injured hedgehog every minute matters.


If you are phoning for help:

When you cannot contact a hedgehog or wildlife rescue centre or carer immediately then Any sick or injured hedgehog should be taken to a local vet who will give basic emergency treatment free of charge.
If you are in the Northeast or East London areas then the Goddard Vet Group  are very helpful with injured wildlife. Their emergency Hospital at Wanstead is open 24 hours

  • If you ring RSPCA 0300 1234999 Please be aware that the national control centre  frequently gives incorrect advice causing unnecessary suffering to the hedgehogs. Be guided by your feelings. You have been concerned enough to ring about an injured, sick or orphan hedgehog. Don’t be fobbed off by them saying let it go or “put it under a bush”. INSIST on the call being passed to an Inspector or Animal Collection/Welfare Officer who will help you and the hedgehog.

PLEASE NOTE: if you need help or urgent advice or find a sick or injured or baby hedgehog always use the telephone, an email might not get read for a few hours and often several days.

What is an Emergency

  • Any hedgehog seen out in daylight will need URGENT help
  • Hedgehogs do NOT lie out sunbathing
  • Any cut or wound is urgent
  • Any hedgehog with flies on it or maggots crawling on it needs VERY Urgent help
  • Any Hedgehog limping or walking strangely needs help
  • Anything that looks very thin or wobbly or has bald patches or missing spines
  • If you see a baby hedgehog or any small hedgehog weighing less than about 500 grams, that is about the size of a large orange or small grapefruit, at ANY time, whether day or night, that is out on its own, pick it up, pop it into a box with food and water and contact your local rescue centre for help and advice.

A young or small hedgehog  that is left out on its own will not be able to survive and will starve to death, by providing them with  food and water they stand more chance of survival. (see Feeding Hedgehogs page )

You can help save numerous hedgehogs by putting a small plate of dog or cat food or cat biscuits in your back garden every night, together with a bowl of water. Put a bowl in your back garden and one outside your front door for the hedgehogs who can’t get into your garden. You can make or buy a feeding station to stop other animals stealing the food

Doing this little thing could help prevent many hedgehogs starving to death and dying of thirst