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You can get some basic tips for immediate first aid to help a sick or injured hedgehog, until you can take it to  a vet or Rescue centre for proper treatment

I have seen some really weird and wonderful treatments for various ailments in hedgehogs recommended over the years. But one I heard about today really takes the biscuit.

Somebody has been recommending covering an infected wound  or a wound with maggots with flour to smother and dry out the maggots. This is very dangerous, will not work and will cause severe damage and unnecessary pain to the hedgehog.

Not only is it an old wives tale, but it is illegal and you can be prosecuted for failing to provide the correct care for the hedgehog and causing unnecessary suffering

Any injured hedgehog ( or other wild animal) should always be taken to a proper wildlife rescue centre or vet for treatment. You should only give immediate basic first aid yourself, to stop any suffering and stop bleeding etc, to give it a chance to survive while you are getting to the vet or centre.


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