How to attract hedgehogs to your garden:

Walls and Fences block them:

The most important thing is to have some way for them to get in and out.

If you have solid walls, solid wooden fences or wire mesh right down to the ground then no matter what you do, you are will not get hedgehog visitors unless you take the following measures:

  • Allow some ways in and out of your garden for them.
  • Make a few small holes, 4 or 5 inches square at the bottom of the wall or fence, at least one hole on each side. This creates a habitat corridor (free access) between the gardens
  • Cut a small hole under the side or back gate
  • Make sure your neighbours do the same.
  • If you have concrete gravel boards, get a Kango drill ( specially for concrete) and chisel out the hole ( I did it )
  • Wire mesh can be easily rolled up or cut. ( don’t leave wires sticking out after cutting, that will injure the hedgehogs)
  • A hedgehog needs a large area to roam around. It needs a territory of 10 or 12 back gardens to roam between.
  • If there is a way in and out for the hedgehog under the wooden fences, you will most likely be rewarded by hedgehogs visiting or even living in your garden.
  • When building new fences or walls, think of the hedgehogs and leave small gaps underneath or at each end

This link shows exactly what we are talking about. It has clear & easy to understand pictures showing the difficulties hedgehogs have with solid fences.

Make sure NONE of the hazards shown on the dangers page are present:

Provided that you follow the advice above and take most or at least some of the measures shown on the Garden page, you will be rewarded by wildlife visiting your garden.

Now you have made a way for hedgehogs to get in and out of your garden, think about offering a home to a needy hedgehog

This very useful site gives lots of help and advice about wildlife gardening and help you look after the wildlife in your garden will give you more information and ideas to help you encourage wildlife into your garden.