Hedgehogs need YOUR help

cartoon hedgehog gardeningThe numbers of hedgehogs living in and visiting our gardens have fallen dramatically. We all need to do something about this immediately otherwise they will soon be completely extinct.

They cannot survive without OUR help

If you and your neighbours have suitable gardens for hedgehogs we need to hear from you.

  •  Hedgehogs are now listed as endangered animals that need special protection and help in the UK
  • One reason for no hedgehogs in Your Garden is because the gardens are like Fort Knox with solid walls and fences with absolutely no way in for them. There should be gaps of at least 5 inches square at ground level on all sides of the garden to allow hedgehogs to get in and out. Ask all your neighbours to do the same.
  • Our gardens are bare and dead with decking, slabs and gravel with no wildlife friendly areas at all. This is due to TV programs like GroundForce

These are the absolute minimum requirements to have a hedgehog in Your Garden:-

If you have this sort of garden then it is very likely that a hedgehog will decide to live there.

We often have baby hedgehogs that have been hand reared or young adults that have recovered from treatment and need a safe place to be released.

Hopefully they will stay in your garden but because they are wild animals, they need to be allowed their freedom, whilst at the same time given a dry warm house and fresh food & water daily.

  • If you are a caring wildlife friendly person who is able to provide these small things please contact us
  • Please only contact us to offer a place if you live close to us. That means Epping Forest, Harlow, Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Havering or other nearby areas. If you live elsewhere please contact your local centre and offer them help
  • We ALWAYS inspect every garden before considering releasing a hedgehog there to make sure it is safe and suitable and that you are prepared to look after it to the best of your ability. This is why we can only take requests from an area we can easily visit.
  • Please read HERE & HERE first because in NO circumstances will we consider any requests from anyone who wants a hedgehog just to control the slugs

 These are a few pictures of some of the babies and youngsters who have either just been released or should be be ready for release very soon.

2 baby hedgehogs