Lots of hedgehogs and other wildlife are maimed and killed each year by being tangled in these carelessly and thoughtlessly discarded elastic bands

Royal Mail must instruct their postmen ( and enforce their instructions) not to throw the elastic bands away on the street where hedgehogs and other wildlife get tangled up and injured by them, causing unnecessary loss of many lives. Or even better, to replace them with harmless, wildlife-friendly alternatives.

What happens is that a smaller hedgehog walks into it and the elastic band sticks to him. As he grows, it digs in & the flesh grows over it, getting badly infected.
I have seen cases where the band has dug in so deeply it has embedded into the bone of the ribs, cutting into the lungs.  Those extreme cases were beyond salvation.
Hopefully it isn’t too late for this poor little boy.

Click on small image for a large size one

Hedgehog injured by carelessly discarded Post Office red elastic band

Hedgehog injured by carelessly discarded Post Office red elastic band

Write to Royal Mail

Royal Mail Group Ltd
100 Victoria Embankment

Sign the petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/413/275/845/discarded-elastic-bands-harm-hedgehogs/

When you find these rubber bands scattered around your local area. Pick them up, bag them and deliver them to your local sorting office with a note to the manager instructing him to take action to stop the postal delivery staff littering the streets with these

See also our netting page for similar types of injuries caused by netting that has been carelessly discarded or improperly used.

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Wolfgang M. Wettlaufer
Wolfgang M. Wettlaufer
I just sent these lines to Royal Mail: Dear Sir/Madam: Reading about those elastic bands carelessly discarded by postmen raises the question whether hidden ecological threats (that seem minor) are being recognized, and opposed, in your country. Care2’s internet platform is informing us that a large number of animals, e.g., hedgehogs, can already be found diminished in their populations — while they also meet torture when troubled by this deadly litter! Please put an end to the great nuisance of simply dropping that waste – and forgetting about its considerable harming potential for wild creatures! Having not been to Britain… Read more »