We get loads of injuries caused by dogs attacking hedeghogs.

This injury was done by a Jack Russell terrier. The hedgehog was lucky to survive. The vast majority of dog attacks don’t survive. A high proportion of the attacks we see are by Staffordshire bull terriers or similar dogs bred for fighting. Their powerful interlocking jaws crush all the bones and internal organs causing massive internal bleeding.

Think carefully before taking on a cat or dog. Look after the wildlife in your garden instead.

Dog attacks are now becoming commonplace and of course it’s never the owner’s fault. We get hogs in all year round that have been found by dogs that “wouldn’t hurt a fly”, “have a soft mouth” etc etc etc. These hogs usually come with deep tooth marks, broken legs, ribs, skull fractures and eyes missing.

If you know your dog is likely to chase small animals in your garden please put a muzzle on it before letting it out to play. Muzzles are not cruel – your dog is highly unlikely to need to defend itself in your garden. Your dog learned that LEAD! meant walkies and gets excited, he can also learn that MUZZLE! means play time. There are numerous safety muzzles that you can buy

These are just the tip of the iceberg and it’s always “an accident”

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i like hogs but dogs more,my irish blue staffy has killed 2 hogs in his life(not the brightest but very exitable)just letting him out&he found it!,iv pulled many spines out of his mouth,1 a few month ago&1 last year,we have many around our garden&now when he sees one he just sniffs them and walks away,WHY?because a good bollocking the 2nd time he did it and he now knows i get mad when he does it dogs should do as theyre told


Oh yes because all Staffordshire bull terriers are bred for fighting 🤔😪

Sue Thom

Guess my Border gets a muzzle when he goes for his late night free roam. No brains, you would think after mouthfuls of spines and a sore mouth he would learn his lesson.