Many dangers exist in your own garden, as well as on the road and in the fields.
Please look out for the following and try to remedy them for the hedgehogs, and other wild animals.

Almost all the problems hedgehogs face are caused by humans. They are maimed and killed in the most horrible ways you can imagine. Much of the time, the problems are caused by our ignorance or carelessness. Think carefully when planning your garden or carelessly discarding your rubbish.

Hedgehog trapped in wire fenceMetal grills & Wire Fences, should be checked on a regular basis if used in the garden. It would be preferable to use grills with a finer mesh, this will prevent a hedgehog getting caught in it. Also make sure that there is room for a hedgehog to crawl under the wire fence safely.Barbed wire should not be left lying around in the garden. Nor should it be used at low level. If a hedgehog gets trapped by barbed wire it will instinctively roll into a ball, causing damage to it’s unprotected areas. Hedgehog climbing out of a poolGarden ponds and swimming pools.
Hedgehogs can swim, but will eventually tire and drown if they are unable to escape from the water. Swimming pools should have a plank of wood on the surface on which the hedgehog can climb to await rescue. Ponds should have an escape route fitted to the the side of them, these can be made with chicken wire or make a ramp the hedgehog can use. Don’t make this too steep, as it could get slippery when wet.
Hedgehog trapped in food canOpened food cans
Empty tins, yoghurt pots and similar plastic cartons are extremely attractive to hedgehogs who get themselves trapped, and frequently injured, while trying to retrieve food from them.
Always squash the tin closed with the lid inside it and preferably, put it for recycling. Ask your Local Authority about recycling in your area.
Plastic cartons should be cut up. Never throw them on the ground. Always dispose of them in a secure bin.
Hedgehog covered in oilOils, greases
Tins of paint, oil cans and other similar products should be stored with their lids on or covered up to prevent accidents.
Do not pour oils or similar substances down the drain or throw away on the road side. Always take unwanted oils to your Local Authority recycling site, where it will be disposed of safely and properly.
Hedgehogs are inquisitive creatures and will explore everything!
Dead Hedgehog in roadVehicles
You’ve all seen the the remains on the road. It’s estimated that between 50,000 – 100.000 hedgehogs are killed by motor vehicles each year. Most casualties are males in search of a mate (March – April) or youngsters searching for food in the Autumn.
Please make your motto:- “SLOW DOWN FOR WILDLIFE”
Garden strimmerGarden Strimmers & Lawn Mowers
Before strimming or mowing, always check to see that there are no hedgehogs lying up in the grass you are about to cut. Strimmers & Mowers cause extremely nasty injuries to hedgehogs. Ones that can easily be avoided!
Hedgehog trapped in a drainDrains
Make sure drains are covered, you can use well squashed chicken mesh if the cover is missing or damaged
Small terrier dogDogs
Terrier dogs and other similar dogs can cause horrific injuries to hedgehogs, especially when disturbing a nest of young.
Hedgehog trapped in a netNetting of all sorts should be stored when not in use. If a hedgehog gets tangled in a net, it will twist and turn until it nearly severs a leg or causes serious injury to the throat. Netting for peas and beans should start at least 30 cm of the ground. BadgerBadgers and Foxes
Avoid releasing hedgehogs anywhere near a badger’s sett. Badgers have always been  the hedgehogs primary natural predator and eat hedgehogs. Urban Foxes are also  a major danger and bite, injure and kill hedgehogs. Baby hedgehogs are vulnerable to attack from stoats, weasels and rats.
Hedgehog stabbed by a garden forkCompost heaps – Garden forks
Hedgehogs don’t like to be stabbed. Be careful when turning the compost heap. Many Hedgehogs and other small animals nest in the bottom of a warm compost heap
Please check your bonfire carefully before lighting it. Many hedgehogs and other animals nest inside the wood pile. It’s always a good idea to move the wood pile before lighting it.
Cattle gridCattle Grids
Not all cattle grids have escape ramps, therefore if you know of any in your area, please check them to see if they have. If not, bricks can be placed inside near the edge to form a series of steps to help.
Hedgehogs that fall into a cattle grid they cannot escape from will either die a slow death of starvation or drowning if the cattle grid fills with water.
Slug pelletsSlug pellets
Slug pellets containing Methocarb (Agricultural slug pellets) are deadly poisonous to hedgehogs. Domestic use pellets normally contain Metaldehyde, if the pellets are eaten directly, they could cause serious internal damage to the hedgehog. If pellets are used in the garden, they should be placed under slightly raised stones where hedgehogs and other animals can’t reach them. You could try alternative methods of slug control, such as a beer trap.
Plastic ringsPlastic Rings
Beer can & other drinks can plastic holders. Always cut these up before disposing of them. Many animals die in these, even when they find them on rubbish sites after they have been collected by the dustbin people. A small hedgehog which has one of these on it, will find it cutting into its body as it grows. Unless removed it will die a slow agonising death.
Cattle drinking troughCattle &
livestock drinking troughs

Found in fields and at roadsides in the country areas. Many animals die in these whether full of water or not. Hedgehogs climb and wander along the walls and bankings, fall in and cannot climb out again. If you know of one of these near you, please check it as often as possible

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