Here are some pictures of baby hedgehogs that have been  reared over the years by various carers.

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I have had a large hedgehog under the shed in my garden for about 10 years. This year there has been another smaller one as well. The smaller one has been out during the day on a couple of occasions. I was told to put out some food as it must be hungry which I have done. What type of dish do I need to put the water in? Thanks for any advice

B. Davies

where do I go to get help to reintroduce hedgehogs into my land?I have several acres of wildlife area.

Susan skinner

We have a hedgehog in the garden we have made him or her a house for the winter hope he likes it

Michelle Dutch

Dear Derek,
Hope you are ok and looking after yourself. I’ve been keeping a lookout around mine and the surrounding area for any more baby hedgehogs, but seen nothing. Please can you let me have an update and email over some photos of the hedgehogs that were collected from mine in The Dashes over the past week or so.
Many thanks and with kind regards
Michelle Dutch
(239 The Dashes)