How to stop cats, dogs and foxes stealing the hedgehogs food


Stop Cats or Foxes stealing the hedgehog’s food.Picture of hedgehog feeding station

Keeping the food under a platform or ridge tile will help to prevent other animals like Dogs, Cats or Foxes stealing the hedgehog’s food.

Build  or buy a small feeding station or house to put the food into that will only allow hedgehogs to get in.

This will also help keep the food, especially biscuits dry in the rain and prevents it freezing in the winter.

Put the water OUTSIDE the feeding station. ( In freezing weather put water inside the feeding station)

The quick, cheap and easy way:

  • Get a plastic storage box about 12″ wide by 18″ long (or bigger)
  • Either use it with the lid on, or turn the box upside down. Cut a 4″ to 5″ hole ( about a large fist size) in one of the short ends.
  • Tape around the cut-out hole
  • Hedgehogs can be messy eaters, so put plenty of newspaper on the floor of the box
  • Put the food at the opposite end so a fox or cat cannot put their long arm in and pull out the food
  • Put a brick or heavy weight on top of the box, to stop it being knocked over or the lid pulled off.
  • If cats or foxes still try to get in, then place the box about 6″ away from a wall as shown in the last 3 pictures (with the entrance facing towards the wall)

Click on the pictures to enlarge

Wildlife World sell a purpose-built hedgehog feeding station (HHF). It is a perfect size for 2 bowls of food and allows a large hedgehog to eat easily. Notice the maze-like entrance to prevent cats and foxes etc stealing the food. Hedgehogs can be messy eaters, so put plenty of newspaper on the floor of the box

Please also see our Houses  page for hedgehog houses. This is an ideal size to also use as a hedgehog house, so is a dual purpose design.

Wildlife World dual purpose hedgehog feeding station and house

Wildlife World  dual purpose hedgehog feeding station and house Wildlife World dual purpose hedgehog feeding station and house(HHF).
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£35 + £3 p&p

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Ark Hedgehog Feeding Station

Ark Hedgehog Feeding Station The Ark Wildlife hedgehog feeding station will keep hedgehog food and water out of the elements and prevent other animals such as cats, dogs, foxes or even birds from stealing the hedgehog’s food.

This is a full size hedgehog feeding station with 2 x protected entrances, hinged eco-sheet roof with roof stay for easy access to fill water and feeding bowls, as well as inspection and cleaning. The interior is large enough to hold 2 x dishes and a number of feeding hedgehogs simultaneously. The height of the feeding station along with the predator protected entrance holes stop even the most determined cats from getting to the food, giving the hedgehogs a peaceful safe place to eat.

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Hi there I would discourage from having the plastic feeding station lid up. After feeding the hogs in the garden this way for a number of years the lid become porous quicker that the rest of the container and if this happens whilst the hog is inside that brick could do some damage. I always suggest removing the lid and having the feeding station lid side down that way the brick can be place on the solid part of the base which is unlikely to deteriorate before it need replacing xx


Feeding stations stop cats getting at the food, even if the arch on the feeding station is wall facing and just a few cm from the wall. Contortionist cats still get eat to eat the hedgehog food, and I do mean proper hedgehog food, not cat food. Afraid it is a lost battle here. I fought the cats and the cats won.


Of course I intended to start the above first sentence as… Feeding stations CAN’T stop cats…

Jenni Wren

I give up – nothing stops 1 cat in particular from squeezing his way inside each hog house. The cat seems to leave meal worms alone, so just now that’s all I’m putting in….but birds can go for those at dawn, Can’t win!

Noel freckelton

I,m having the same trouble,every night this one particular cat eats all the hedgehog food then there is nothing left for the hogs,I am still trying different things to stop the cats as I don’t want to give up on the hogs yet, but if they keep coming maybe like you they will have wine.


I have a purpose built hedgehog feeding station which works well except when I am away. A friend then comes in during the day to top up the food. We have discovered that our local Grey squirrel population have also discovered it. Is there any food liked by hedgehogs but disliked by squirrels?


dried mealworms !! you can put them out in the day, squirrels wont touch them…blackbirds/starlings will though…


Thanks! Will try the mealworms tomorrow! I haven’t seen any birds venturing into the box yet, so here’s hoping!


After reading many hedgehog sights about what to feed hogs they mostly say not to feed mealworms in abundance as they are very bad for there bones and can cause all sorts of crippling problems so I now do not feed mealworms.


Sorry to say but I have the ark feeding station and it doesn’t stop cats getting in. They go in one side and come out the other. I have made the holes smaller but still doesn’t stop them


I’m thinking of building one in a plastic container and putting it out at dusk. We rarely get cats visiting as our dog is a relentless cat chaser and scares them off. Thankfully he leaves the wildlife alone. Is there any type of food I should avoid (apart from the old bread and milk of years ago)

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