Learn About Hedgehogs

can hedgehogs swim

Can Hedgehogs Swim?

As hedgehogs only come out at night, you’re not likely to find out whether or not they can swim. They are naturally buoyant, and they can swim quite well. Their main problem once they’re in the water, is how to get back out again. Hedgehogs & Swimming Hedgehogs are generally […]

are hedgehogs affectionate

Are Hedgehogs Affectionate?

Hedgehogs are solitary creatures and are happy with their own company. Despite their cute appearance, they’re not known for being affectionate. Hedgehogs Affection With Other Hedgehogs The best way to see if hedgehogs are affectionate, is to look at how they interact with other hedgehogs. For the most part, they […]

can you keep a hedgehog as a pet

Can You Keep a Hedgehog As A Pet?

We all love hedgehogs and some people would like to keep one as a pet. Wild hedgehogs should never be kept as pets. They would not be happy locked inside and they would not adapt to being part of a human lifestyle. Why hedgehogs would not make good pets Hedgehogs […]

are hedgehogs lactose intolerant

Are Hedgehogs Lactose Intolerant?

Hedgehogs can eat almost anything, but some foods, such as dairy products, are not good for them. They are lactose intolerant so any dairy foods will cause painful digestive problems. There are also other foods which can be harmful too them. What is lactose intolerance? Dairy foods contain lactose. This […]

do hedgehogs only come out in the rain

Do Hedgehogs Only Come Out in the Rain?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal, and travel several miles a night in their search for food. During the spring and summer, the weather won’t directly affect their activities, as they need to find food whether it’s raining or not. Let’s take a look at how different weather conditions affect hedgehogs. When do […]

how do hedgehogs mate

How Do Hedgehogs Mate?

When people ask the question “how do hedgehogs mate?” they are usually greeted with the answer, “carefully”. This actually isn’t too far from the truth, as the female spines can cause a problem for the male. To prevent the male from being injured, the female must flatten her spines during […]

do hedgehogs have fleas

Do Hedgehogs Have Fleas?

As with many other animals, hedgehogs can have fleas. Unlike other fleas, hedgehogs don’t generally infest other animals or humans but they can still give you a bite. Hedgehogs and fleas There is an old wives tale that hedgehogs need fleas to survive and that is all that this is: […]

what do hedgehogs eat

What Do Hedgehogs Eat? [Guide To The Hedgehogs Diet]

Hedgehogs are insectivores, so they’ll eat any insects they find in and around your garden. They can also eat other foods such as fruits, vegetable and nuts, but you do need to be careful how much of these foods you give them. There are also certain things they should not […]

where do hedgehogs live in the garden

Where Do Hedgehogs Live in The Garden?

Some of us are very lucky, in that we do see the hedgehogs which live in our garden. As they are nocturnal, not everyone gets to see them but if you know where they live, it will help you work out if you have them. They like dark and damp […]

when do hedgehogs hibernate

When Do Hedgehogs Hibernate? [Learn All About When & Why!]

As autumn approaches and winter draws nearer, you may notice that you don’t see your hedgehog friends. This is nothing to worry about, as they will hibernate from November to mid-March. Hibernation can begin slightly earlier, and this often depends on how much food is available. What is hibernation? Hedgehogs, […]