To search for a Hedgehog or other Wildlife Rescue centre please use  the search tool in the side bar. . The easiest way to find a centre near you is to search by County ( or by Country if in  Wales, Scotland, New Zealand or other European country )

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Maurice Williams

Would like to help. There isn’t a carer or centre within 50 miles. I live in a semi rural area north of Stoke on Trent. My garden is a decent size c. 250×60 feet and access both to similar sized gardens each side and to a very large field owned by the council at the rear.
How can I help?


I have an allotment on a reasonably large site how can we encourage hedgehogs


I found an injured hedgehog that had clearly been hit by a car and in pain. I rang this organisation to see if they could help. She told me she couldn’t do anything about it until tomorrow ,that it couldn’t possibly have had a hit it as they don’t survive and that it was probably lung worm. I called a vet. It had head injuries and a broken leg and was put to sleep. Some caring organisation you are. I’m disgusted.


Dear Sirs

We are based in SW15 and CT9 and looking for a rescue or another orphan hedgehog to join our single hedgehog in the garden… can you pls advise whom we could approach based on our location and how we can go about giving our hedgehog a friend or family opportunity?


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