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This is an X-ray of a baby hedgehog that was picked up from Nazeing ( a small village in-between Waltham Abbey and Harlow) in Essex yesterday. It weighed approx. 100g

It was found out in daylight wandering along the finders driveway. How it managed to survive for even this long is a surprise. For one, the area is Badger country and there are very few hedgehogs, just an odd pocket right in the village.

The deformity is so great that as the hog grew, it would have struggled to breath. You can see the angle the spine has deformed to and the way the ribcage is almost at 90 degrees to the normal line of the body.

Obviously it was euthanized as there was absolutely no hope of it ever surviving and living a pain free and happy life.

I am really surprised that it wasn’t paralysed already, the spinal cord must have been under extreme pressure.

This is the second one we have seen like this in the last few months, both from widely differing areas

We are very lucky to have the South Essex Wildlife Hospital available to anybody with wildlife injuries with their new digital X-ray equipment that  takes x-rays of such great & wonderful detail to help in diagnosis & treatment

Note: if you download the picture, you can enlarge it quite successfully and see the detail. You can even see the spines and hair

baby hedgehog with spinal deformity

baby hedgehog with spinal deformity

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