Ark Wildlife Hedgehog Food: Is It The Best Hedgehog Food?

ark wildlife hedgehog food

The best hedgehog food contains a good calcium to phosphorus ratio and lots of fibre, both of which Ark Wildlife Hedgehog Food scores well in. Although you can feed hedgehogs dog biscuits and cat food, hedgehog-specific food still have a better nutritional value.

Ark Wildlife is not the only brand selling hedgehog food so what makes their products stand out? What is the nutritional value of their hedgehog food and does it offer good value?

Read on for our full review of Ark Wildlife hedgehog food.

What Is In Ark Wildlife Hedgehog Food?

Ark Wildlife is a UK animal feed brand that prides itself in using only natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are especially important for wild animals, such as hedgehogs, since they do not have the same habits and nutritional needs as pets.

Ark Hedgehog Food is free from colourings, flavourings and preservatives. So, you can be sure that you are not feeding wild hedgehogs anything that will harm them.

In fact, Ark Hedgehog Food Original was first developed so that rescue centres and wildlife hospitals would have safe and healthy feed for the hedgehogs that they rescue. In addition to 100% natural ingredients, it contains extra vitamins and minerals to support a balanced diet.

Ark Wildlife Hedgehog Food Products

Ark Wildlife offers 2 different types of hedgehog food. Here is a quick overview of each.

Ark Hedgehog Food Original

Product Name Ark Hedgehog Food Original
Type of Food Biscuits
Ingredients Chicken Meal, Wheat, Maize, Meat Meal, Barley, Soya Hulls, Hipro Soya, Chicken Fat, Fish Meal, Soluble Calcium Supplement, Probiotics, Vitamins & Minerals, Natural Flavourings
Suitable for Wild Hedgehogs? Yes
Suitable for Old/Baby Hedgehogs? Yes
Safe for Pets? Yes
Available Package Sizes (kg) 1, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 20, 40

What We Like

  • The biscuits are easy to store, similar to dry dog food and cat food. It will keep for a long time when stored in a cool and dark place.
  • To make it easier to eat for old and baby hedgehogs, you can soak the biscuits in water for a few minutes before putting it out.
  • Its crunchy texture is good for the dental hygiene of hedgehogs
  • Ingredients help prevent Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD), which is rising in UK hedgehog populations. Ark Hedgehog Food Original contains a good ratio of calcium to phosphorus.
  • No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives – only natural ingredients.
  • Many package sizes available. The larger packs are delivered in bags of 10 kgs for easier handler and to keep the biscuits fresh for longer.
  • Good value.

What We Like Less

  • May attract other wildlife.
  • Dogs and cats also seem to enjoy these biscuits so you need to keep an eye on it.

Calcium Worms

Product Name Dried Calcium Worms
Type of Food Dried insects
Ingredients 100% calcium worms
Suitable for Wild Hedgehogs? Yes
Suitable for Old/Baby Hedgehogs? Yes
Safe for Pets? No
Available Package Sizes (kg) 0.1, 0.3, 0.6, 1, 5, 10

What We Like

  • Very nutritious for wild hedgehogs. High calcium:phosphorus ratio may help prevent MBD.
  • Clean and dry makes it more comfortable to handle.
  • Also suitable as an addition to bird feed and food for squirrels.
  • Easy to digest for old hedgehogs and baby hedgehogs.

What We Like Less

  • Not a complete meal for hedgehogs. Calcium worms should only be given as an occasional treat so this is not a complete balanced diet.
  • These are very delicious to hedgehogs. Be careful not to get them so hooked that they won’t eat anything else.


If you want to attract hedgehogs to your garden, Ark Wildlife Hedgehog Food is a good option. Their products contain only natural ingredients that are safe for not only hedgehogs but also other wildlife and even pets.

The Original, the crunchy biscuits, are the best choice. It offers hedgehogs all the nutrients that they need when food sources are scarce.

Ideally, hedgehogs can forage their own food so it is important not to lay food out too often. This is especially important with young hedgehogs that still need to learn to forage. You may want to lay out some hedgehog food at the end of autumn, to help them fatten up a little before their winter hibernation.

You may have heard about Metabolic Bone Disease in hedgehogs, which is due to a lack of calcium and phosphorus in their diet. Both the biscuits and calcium worms are excellent sources for these two minerals.

Not yet mentioned, but equally important, is the Ark Wildlife customer service. The team is incredibly helpful and actively answers any questions you may have about appropriate food for hedgehogs.

Quick delivery is another advantage of ordering from Ark Wildlife. You can easily track your order through the website. Purchases over ₤25 get free next working day delivery!

In short, Ark Wildlife Hedgehog Food is an excellent choice if you want to support the hedgehog populations in the UK. It is a convenient online shop that offers good quality and safe hedgehog food.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Food Is Best for Hedgehogs?

It is best to feed hedgehogs proprietary hedgehog food because their nutrient needs are quite different from pets. However, if you have nothing else on hand, good quality dog kibble or dry cat food will do in a pinch.

Hedgehog food should be high in protein which is why the occasional wet food for cats and dogs can also act as a substitute. However, these tend to have very high fat levels which can lead to obesity in hedgehogs.

What Can I Feed a Wild Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs diets mainly consists of insects which are high in both protein and fibre. That is why most processed hedgehog food consists of mainly animal proteins and fibres from seeds and nuts or husks.


It is important to know that hedgehogs cannot digest dairy so never give them milk or other dairy products. Fruits and vegetables are not recommended either because they have no nutritional value for hedgehog diets.

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