Jul 272014

These 3 baby hedgehogs were found in Harlow by Michelle. 2 were found on the first day and the 3rd was found about 4 days later. They were all dehydrated and had fly eggs and tiny maggots just hatching out

After hard work by Pat who does a lot of rearing of babies for us, they are thriving


Here are a few pictures of them and a couple of videos

Please note: Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and healthy hedgehogs should never be seen out in daylight. These photos are staged photos under supervision. If you ever see baby hedgehogs out in daylight, they need urgent help and should immediately be picked up and taken to a rescue centre for help

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Patricia Platt
Awww thanks Michelle, it is always nice when finders want to know how the hogs are getting on. 🙂 The names came about as we have had now over 160 hogs/hoglets in our care and we were starting to run out of names. LOL So in a silly mood of late so started naming them all Quill something or the other……. We named the first one Quillmish after our son Hamish. And since they were coming from Harlow we decided to call the one Quillow. Sort of fits and is a lovely name for a lovely boy. And the last… Read more »
Michelle Dutch
Dear Patricia, Derek has just sent me this link so it’s the first time I’ve seen the babies since Derek collected them from mine over the past week or so. I’m so grateful to you and Derek for your kindness and commitment to ensuring they have the best possible care. My children and I have been anxious to find out how they are all doing – I have been getting regular updates from Derek, and they are clearly thriving! We all shed a few tears the evening we found out one of the four babies had to be put down… Read more »
Patricia Platt

Today Quillow and Quillmish the older two finally graduated to eating out of a bigger bowl. 🙂 They thought it was novel and then after a few drinks of their formula and some of water. A scratching fest insued, before heading off to bed for a nap. They are true hedgies now and trashing their cage. 🙂