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If you have hedgehogs in your garden, please look after them well. You are one of the very few lucky ones to still enjoy the presence of these endangered animals. There are several types of hedgehog house available from good pet stores, garden centres and many online stores
All styles of houses are beautifully designed and crafted, classy and a real asset to your garden. Useful for hedgehogs and  aesthetically pleasing for us.

These are some of the houses we recommend to help a hedgehog in your garden

Ark Wildlife Eco Hedgehog House

Ark Wildlife Eco Hedgehog House Our Eco Hedgehog House is packed with features to attract more hedgehogs and keep them safe through summer and winter. Features include a removable roof to inspect inhabitants and for easy cleaning. As well as added ventilation holes and a large overhang on the roof to prevent rain ingress or condensation forming. The Eco Hedgehog House also features an internal predator baffle to keep adult and baby hedgehogs safe from predators such as foxes and badgers. The bed chamber has also be enlarged to provide room for additional insulation for greater hibernation success and enough space for breeding hedgehogs to raise a family during the summer.

All these features have been carefully designed into the Eco Hedgehog House for the benefit of the residents it’s designed to attract but additionally it has been make with 100% environmentally friendly materials including Eco-plate, a material similar in density to plywood but produced from recycled car seats. This environmentally friendly material is weather resistant and very, very durable. The timber frame is made from FSC registered sustainable forests.

The ideal place for the hedgehog house is under a hedge, large shrub or similar concealed place to make it as natural as possible. It should be out of direct sunlight and prevailing winds. A dry spot is preferable, such as behind sheds, a quiet shaded corner or under dense shrubs and bushes, as these are sites that hedgehogs would choose naturally and to further enhance the chances of early occupation you can quarter fill the chamber with dry leaves or bedding.

Delivered fully assembled: Simply place in a quiet corner of the garden, out of wind and rain, and wait for your first visitor.

Note: this might need extra roofing felt applied to be totally waterproof. Over the years, I have found that most houses with this design can be vastly improved by adding a sheet of roofing felt with about a 2"- 3" overhang down all sides.

£49.95 Free next day delivery

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Wildlife World Hogitat (HH5) from Ark Wildlife

Wildlife World Hogitat (HH5) from Ark Wildlife The Wildlife World Hogitat (HH5) is designed to be an attractive natural home and safe retreat for hedgehogs. It features a sturdy, rust-proofed steel frame, a waterproofed roof with an attractive natural finish, and a predator defence tunnel. Specifically designed to blend into the garden setting, the Hogitat has an attractive natural appearance that will comfortably nestle into any garden environment. Principally natural materials and appearance. Economic yet effective safe retreat for hedgehogs, or small mammals.
Size: 250x430x500


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Wildlife World dual purpose hedgehog feeding station and house(HHF)

Wildlife World  dual purpose hedgehog feeding station and house(HHF) Wildlife World dual purpose hedgehog feeding station and house(HHF). It is a perfect size for 2 bowls of food and allows a large hedgehog to eat easily. It has a maze-like entrance to prevent cats and foxes etc stealing the food. Hedgehogs can be messy eaters, so put plenty of newspaper on the floor of the box

It is an ideal size to also use as a hedgehog house, so is a dual purpose design
You can see lots more pictures of it on our Feeding Stations page

£35 + £3 p&p

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DHH4 – Hedgehog House/Habitat

DHH4 – Hedgehog House/Habitat A robust and purposeful product, the Hedgehog Habitat provides a safe habitat for hedgehogs in the garden and is suitable for hibernation, breeding and Summer shelter

Note: this house does need additional waterproof covering on the roof.

£26 + £6.95 P&P

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You can also buy many different types of hedgehog houses through our Hedgehog shop

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The majority of the houses you buy need to be covered in roofing felt to protect from the weather and prevent leaks. Please don’t rely on the small amounts that the manufacturers put on. If you purchase the Ark hedgehog houses then they use  a special plastic treated wood combination that is fully waterproof without any extra roofing felt.

Where to put the house

The ideal place for the house is under a hedge, large shrub or similar concealed place to make it as natural as possible.

Never put it in direct sunlight. Behind a shed or in a quiet shady corner is fine if you haven’t got any bushes or shrubs.

Put a couple of slabs under the hedge to protect the box from the damp ground and keep it fairly level (cost about 90p each from your local DIY store), then put a rubber doormat with holes to allow drainage on top of the slabs, with the box sitting on the mat, this allows rain water to run away under the box without any danger of the box getting flooded.

Fill it ¾ full with hay and dried leaves  and your hedgehog will soon take up residence. It may take a few weeks for the hedgehog to adopt the box, but rest assured it soon will. Often during the summer the box will be used by a mother to have babies or as a temporary shelter for the odd night or two and then during the winter a hedgehog will take up permanent residence and hibernate safely & successfully..

When you first put it down, check after the first rain storm that there are no leaks, we found that what we thought was a waterproof house wasn’t, the felt had slipped when I placed it. If the felt tears or cracks then just place another sheet over the existing one, a couple of layers make for good insulation.

It is a very good idea to keep a spare sheet of felt or tarpaulin and a bag of hay around for emergencies .

Please try to put a box or other shelter down early in the year so the hedgehog can get used to it and knows it’s there, especially if there is bad weather before hibernation time.

Once the house is being used, it just needs a quick clean out twice a year, in March/April when the hedgehog wakes up from hibernation & again in September/October before the hibernation. Just take out all the old hay and give it a quick wipe around with a safe disinfectant (one you would use on your food preparation surfaces or one sold especially for animal use) DO NOT USE BLEACH, then refill with hay.

If you have hedgehogs visiting your garden & can’t build or buy  a proper house then any shelter is better than none.  A good quick alternative is to lean a piece of plywood or board against the shed wall or similar sheltered place at 45º angle, put another piece raised on bricks underneath it as a floor and place a tarpaulin or piece of roofing felt over to make it waterproof, leaving just a small entrance at one end. Fill with hay and hope that a hedgehog will use it.

You can build your own hedgehog house and there are loads of sites showing how to do it. However I have found over the years that unless you are particularly handy with wood and power tools it works out just as cheap, if not cheaper to buy a ready made one

Here are a few :

BBC Gardner’s World

Hedgehog Bottom

BBC Breathing Places

Here is  a rough idea of how to build a hedgehog house yourself

You can download a PDF copy

hedgehog house plans

How to Build a Hedgehog House – An infographic by the team at UK Oak Doors


I would add one word of warning about all these suggestions and ideas. Do not bury the house underground as many of them suggest. That is a recipe for disaster. The box will get damp & wet and full of slugs, snails, earthworms and other creatures but no hedgehogs. Always have it above ground in a sheltered place and covered with roofing felt or tarpaulin. Remember, you need to clean it out at least twice  a year and change the bedding inside it.

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