Feeding Hedgehogs


Hedgehog food chartIf you have hedgehogs in your garden, please look after them well. You are one of the very few lucky ones to still enjoy the presence of these endangered animals

Hedgehogs are insectivores with over 70% of their natural diet being insects and beetles, some worms and a very tiny amount of slugs and snails.

**Do not give them bread and milk**. They cannot digest the bread and cows milk gives hedgehogs very bad diarrhoea.  Many hedgehogs die because of this wrong diet.

What to feed them on…

  • Tinned Cat, Dog, Puppy or Kitten food. They prefer Chicken flavours best. Do not give Fish flavours
  • Cat or Kitten Biscuits. Only give meat flavoured biscuits. Do not give Fish flavours.  The premium brands like Royal Canin, Burns, Hills,  James Wellbeloved  or Arden Grange are much better for them (The “cheaper” common brands contain much more cereal and are not so nutritious)
  • Spike’s Dinner hedgehog food either tinned or dry  which is also available from good pet shops
  • Garden Bird Hedgehog food
  • Wildthings Hedgehog Food
  • Ark Wildlife Hedgehog food
  • Any cooked meat leftovers like chicken or  mince. Chop all meat in very small pieces. Hedgehogs only have tiny teeth and cannot chew or tear big pieces.
  • Small pieces of chopped mild or medium cheddar cheese
  • Chopped Peanuts ( the same peanuts you feed the birds on. NOT SALTED NUTS)
  • Sultanas & Raisins
  • Lots of Water, especially in hot weather. Hedgehogs drink a lot of water.
  • DO NOT give salty foods like bacon and corned beef
  • In winter or cold weather use biscuits, peanuts, cheese etc instead of tinned meat which freezes quickly

Feed at night after the flies have gone and remove the food in the early morning, before the flies arrive. Fly maggots cause serious harm to hedgehogs.

Ark Wildlife original Hedgehog Food

Ark Wildlife original  Hedgehog Food Ark Wildlife Original Hedgehog Food was initially developed for rescue centres and wildlife hospitals and is now available for feeding wild hedgehogs in the garden.

Hedgehog Food Original is a complete, nutritionally balanced 100% natural Hedgehog Food which actively promotes animal health and vitality. The natural ingredients are boosted with the addition of essential vitamins and minerals and completely free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

The size and shape of the crunchy biscuit is designed to assist with dental hygiene whilst still being highly palatable to hedgehogs of all ages. Young or infirm hedgehogs may benefit by soaking the Hedgehog Food in warm water for a few minutes before serving.

From £3.75 depending on pack sizes

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Ark Hedgehog Mix

Ark Hedgehog Mix This hedgehog food is a delicious mixture of nuts, sultanas, honey , sunflower chips, freeze-dried insects, fats and brewers yeast.

It is ideal for young and old animals alike and will draw your prickly friends from far and wide to your feeding station.

An advantage of Ark Hedgehog Mix is that it will not attract cats and can therefore be left out overnight

From £3.65 depending on pack sizes

Buy Now

See How to prevent other animals like Dogs, Cats or Foxes stealing the hedgehog’s food.

Once you start to feed the garden hedgehogs, you should continue every night

  • If you go away on holiday ask a friendly neighbour to help.
  • Don’t forget to leave a small dish of biscuits and water while the hedgehogs are hibernating. They often wake up and have a quick snack. That food can be a life saver
  • You should put out food and water  all year round for them.
  • Put water outside your front door as well as in your back garden

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Slugs and Snails

Many gardeners wrongly think having hedgehogs in the garden is all they need to keep the slug and snail population down. please read HERE to find out why this is wrong and very bad for the hedgehogs

See these couple of videos of hedgehogs eating in the garden





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