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Cartoon Hedgehog

Hedgehogs caught, cooked and eaten

We have been told of very disturbing news:

Local Gypsies are catching hedgehogs and selling them for 5 each to be cooked and eaten

The local newspaper was alerted about it and told me.
The Police and RSPCA are investigating

Everybody, watch out for this. If you hear anything, contact your Local Police, RSPCA, Local paper and alert everybody you can about it

We MUST get evidence:

Get as many details as you can: Car registration number. Physical descriptions. Take photos on your mobile phone.

This will not be an isolated case. Gypsies are all over the country. They are catching hedgehogs on a daily basis. These tribes will eat 10 or 12 hedgehogs for one meal.  No wonder so many areas have no hedgehogs. They have been eaten

How much more abuse can one species take? Yet another nail in the hedgehog's coffin

This is a copy of the article that appeared in the Epping Forest Guardian

****Click on the picture for a full size copy****






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